Each calendar has a range of Christmas related puzzles to work out. Some will be quick to solve, some might have to be unscrambled and some may need to be decoded with the help of the back of the advent calendar. Everything you need is on the calendar box.

We have 2 versions of Christmas escape calendars to choose from. Great as a gift for friends, a bundle of fun for the whole family or a treat just for yourself.

The Mystery of the Half-Eaten Carrots

An adventure calendar where you are the detective. Crumbs of half eaten carrot lie in the now empty store. Search the stables and question the reindeer, one of them must be the guilty one.

Escape the Advent Calendar.

Welcome to a humble town in the snow, children playing in the streets and Santa has dropped his gifts. Make you through the village centre solving the Christmas clues and riddles to find the next window to open.

(Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)


It is for anyone who likes puzzles, those who enjoy Escape Rooms or is looking for that 'something different' approach to counting down to Christmas.

Great to keep children engaged, keeping the mind active and solving together with the family or by yourself. Recommended age 10 and above and some children may need guidance with some of the puzzles. However we will have clues on our members page during December if you get really stuck.


Well, that would be telling, we want to keep most of that a surprise for your countdown to Christmas. However we can tell you they are printed on the inside of the door and may involve looking at the rest of the box. If you liked our brick and mortar Escape Rooms or our other experiences you will love these puzzles.


Here is a quick example of a puzzle to get your brain going.

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